IWLive – Isolation tool

IWLive Isolation Tool

IWLive Isolation Tool

IWLive is an effective decision support system for water operators to use in the water supply room. One of the many beneficial uses of IWLive is the water main isolation tool. The isolation tool can be used to simulate potential effects on the system resulting from both unexpected as well as planned incidents.Examples include repairing a burst watermain and planned system rehabilitation.

The process to use the IWLive isolation tool is fast and simple for the supply room operator. The isolation tool allows the operator to easily identify an asset in the system to isolate. IWLive then traces outward through the model from that asset, identifying the first-available valves in the model that are required in order to isolate the specified asset. The user then has the option to close the identified valves for a defined period of time to simulate a shutdown. This simulation allows the operator to see the effect of isolating the main without doing so in the actual system.Once the effects are noted, the operator can compare possible solutions to the isolation incident: determining the level of improvement, the problems that remain and the customers who are affected by each possible solution. This comparison process allows the operator to determine the best method of carrying out the repair and minimizing negative impacts on the system.

IWLive’s isolation tool is a useful method for water system operators to resolve main breaks faster and more efficiently, while also planning system outages more effectively.

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