2D Meshing in InfoWorks ICM – Video Tutorials

The following videos show how basic and detailed 2D meshes can be created in InfoWorks ICM. InfoWorks ICM (Integrated Catchment Modeling) is the first truly integrated modeling platform to incorporate both urban and river catchments. With full integration of 1D and 2D modeling techniques both the below ground and above ground elements of catchments can be modeled as never before. InfoWorks ICM enables the hydraulics and hydrology of natural and man made environments to be incorporated into a single model.

Two-dimensional (2D) simulation is better suited than one-dimensional simulation (1D) for modeling flows through complex geometries (such as urban streets and buildings, road intersections and other transport infrastructure), and open ground, where either source or direction of flow is problematic to assume. In urban areas the situation is exacerbated further by the presence of sewer networks, in which flows can both enter and exit the system during flood events. Modeling such complex flow scenarios both accurately and efficiently requires a model with both 1D and 2D engines.

The first tutorial will take you through the process of creating a simple 2D model, setting mesh parameters and then generating the mesh on a remote computer within the InfoWorks ICM Workgroup.


This second tutorial will show the steps required to create a detailed mesh within a urban area, including structures like houses (voids) and roads (mesh zones) which need more precise settings than used in a basic mesh.

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    About Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker is a Senior Client Service Manager with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in the computerised analysis of drainage and flooding. He has over 30 years’ experience of modelling the key hydraulic processes involved in urban drainage design and analysis. He is one of the key members of staff tasked with supervising the roll-out and adoption of InfoWorks ICM throughout the UK and wider European marketplace.
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