Powerful Simulation Options in InfoWorks ICM – Video Tutorials

InfoWorks ICM has a large range of options available to produce and replay model simulations as the following videos show.

The first video shows how to use the built-in tools in InfoWorks ICM to control how results are replayed in the GeoPlan view. It shows tips to quickly switching between the GeoPlan, graphs and long section views.

The second video shows how to use the powerful Workgroup technology in InfoWorks ICM to schedule multiple concurrent simulations across a pool of connected PC’s, Laptops and Workstations.

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    About Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker is a Senior Client Service Manager with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in the computerised analysis of drainage and flooding. He has over 30 years’ experience of modelling the key hydraulic processes involved in urban drainage design and analysis. He is one of the key members of staff tasked with supervising the roll-out and adoption of InfoWorks ICM throughout the UK and wider European marketplace.
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