Steps in Using RDII Analyst for InfoSWMM, InfoWorks ICM and InfoSewer


Figure 1. RDII Analyst is part of the InfoSWMM or H2OMAP SWMM Suite but the derived RTK parameters can be used in either InfoSWMM, SWMM5, InfoWorks ICM or InfoSewer

Step 1: Create a Base UH  in the Operation Tab of the Attribute Browser using RDII Analyst (Figure 1)

Step 2: Assign a UH to at Least 1 Node Using the Inflow Icon  

Step 3: Open Up RDII Analyst and Click on New to Create a RDII Session    

Step 4: Define the Flow and Rainfall File     

Step 5: Review the Imported Flow Time Series Step 6: Review the Imported Rainfall  Time Series          

Step 7: Units and RDII Analyst Dates are Controlled by the Simulation Manager   

Step 8: Extract DWF from the Flow Time Series    

Step 9: Assign a UH to at Least 1 Node Using the Inflow Icon  

Step 10: View the DWF Pattern         

Step 11: Create the RDII Time Series          

Step 12: View the RDII Time Series   

Step 13: Run Once Feature to See how Good the Current RTK Parameters are in matching the monitored flow

Step 14: You can use Graph Control to show the mean of the Observed and Predicted RDII on one Graph.        

Step 15: Calibrate the RTK Parameters        

Step 16: Run the GA 

Step 17: Assign the Intermediate Answers  to the UH     

Step 18: View the Calibration Graph  

Step 19: Event Identification   

Step 20: Assign the Found DWF Pattern     

Step 21: Node DWF and RDII Inflow

Step 22: 3 RDII UH’s Used in the Simulation of the RDII Flows 


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