InfoWorks ICM Video Showcase Online

InfoWorks ICM Video Showcase

I’m really pleased to let you know that our new InfoWorks ICM Video Showcase is now online. It’s hard to put into words what an outstanding product InfoWorks ICM is and so working with Client Service Manager Andrew Walker, whose knowledge of the software is unbounded, we have put together a collection of 28 short videos that highlight some of the significant features of InfoWorks ICM.

From an initial “Introduction to Integrated Catchment Modelling“, to subjects such as “Creating bridges“, “Creating a basic 2D mesh” and “Tracing and connectivity tools” the videos will be useful to both existing users of the software and to potential users.

The videos are recorded at HD resolution and can be expanded to full screen so you don’t miss any detail.

The InfoWorks ICM Video Showcase is available now at:


InfoWorks ICM Video Showcase Titles:


  • Introduction to Integrated Catchment Modeling

Example Models

  • A real-life integrated catachment model
  • A simple integrated catchment model
  • Overland flow example
  • Dam break analysis example

Creating Model Components

  • Adding nodes and links
  • Creating a river reach
  • Creating bridges
  • Creating a basic 2D mesh
  • Creating a detailed 2D mech
  • Terrain sensitive 2D meshing

Import and Export

  • Migrating a database from InfoWorks CS
  • Creating a ground model from LiDAR data
  • Exporting sewer models to InfoWorks CS

Tools and Processes

  • The network overview reporting tool
  • Tracing and connectivity tools
  • Using the inference tool
  • Using the graphing tools
  • Active geoplan labels
  • Using the area take-off tools
  • Using SQL queries to automate processes

Replaying Results

  • Replaying simulations
  • Creating velocity arrows
  • Creating element depths
  • Creating a flood map

Multiuser Configuration Options

  • Configuring a workgroup
  • Standalone and workgroup database types
  • Running multiple simulations
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