Water Quality Modelling in Infoworks ICM

Water Quality Modelling in Infoworks ICM

Water Quality Modelling in Infoworks ICM

One of the most exciting features of Infoworks ICM is the ability to model water quality in both the 1D and 2D components of the model both within the pipe network and the river system.  Water Quality is fast becoming a critical component of many drainage system studies due to improved appreciation of the impact upon society and the environment of polluted water and legislation such as the EU Water Framework Directive and the United States Clean Water Act.

Infoworks ICM has the ability to simulate a wide suite of water quality processes starting from a single point source conservative pollutants through to diffuse surface washoff non-conservative pollutants.  The following blog will deal with how to set up a water quality simulation in Infoworks ICM featuring a single point source conservative pollutants.


 Download PDF – Setting up a simple Infoworks ICM Water Quality Simulation

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    Duncan Kitts is a Senior Support Engineer with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in River modelling and 2D modelling. He has over 9 years experience of modeling the key hydraulic processes involved in both fluvial systems and urban drainage environments. Duncan is responsible for providing support of both infoworks ICM and Infoworks RS.

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