InfoWater Feature Highlight – Google Maps Link

If you have ever closely inspected your water model after data import and/or demand allocation, you might have run into some questions that can only be answered if you were actually in the field or had a street view of that particular location.  While working in your model, you may wonder: Which side of the street is this hydrant actually on? Is this booster station really located in front of this house? Should this office building demand really be placed at the top of this hill or is it located further down the road at a lower elevation? Can I access an easement anywhere but the entrance to this subdivision? There are some great tools out there that allow you to access a street view of a location in your model, but you will need at least a street name to be able to find it. With the click of one button in InfoWater (and other Innovyze GIS based products), you can access the street view in Google Maps from any junction in your model as long as you have connection to the internet and a defined Coordinate System. For example, during a QC of a demand allocation in a water model from New Braunfels, TX, I noticed a very high demand that was placed on a node. This demand was much higher than any other node in the model. At first glance, I thought there might be erroneous meter data at this location.

InfoWater Model Explorer

As a quick check, with the high demand node selected in the Attribute Browser, I was able to use the Google Maps Link tool  to instantly access the system location in Google Maps. If any of you know New Braunfels, Texas better than I do, you can probably guess what I found in the street view:

Google Map street view

I believe that this is the USA’s largest water park which would explain the high demand.

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