Water Age in InfoSewer

InfoSewer and H2OMAP Sewer have a Water Quality option called Time of Concentration (TOC) or Water Age that allows the modeler to estimate the residence time in his or her Sewer Network.

The use of Water Age is simple, you just pick TOC(AGE) as the Water Quality Constituent in the Quality Tab of Run Manager for an EPS simulation and the program will automatically assign a Water Age of 0 hours to all loading Manholes (Figure 1).

The Water Age is another estimate of the travel time in your network in which travel time is the volume of pipes / the average velocity in each pipe. You can compute the Water Age for each node and in the middle of each link (Figure 2).


Figure 1. Map Display of Water Age in InfoSewer.


Figure 2. The Water Age in Each Link is Calculated based on the Current Flow and Volume of the network about the Upstream Node of the Link.


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