How to Use the Map Display for the Maximum Adjusted d/D or Maximum q/Q in an EPS InfoSewer Simulation

You can use the Map Display for the Maximum Adjusted d/D or Maximum q/Q in an EPS InfoSewer Simulation to show the maximum depth over pipe diameter (d/D) or maximum flow q over the full flow Manning’s equation value for the slope and pipe diameter of the pipe.  You can do a Map Display of the adjusted d/D values (Figure 1) from the Gravity Main Range Report (Figure 2) to show those pipes that are full thematically by copying the information from the Output Report Manager to the Link Information Table. For example, the links in red in Figure 1 show the effect of the pump blockage and the links in green are those NOT full due to the pump blockage.

Figure 1. Map Display of the Maximum Adjusted d/D from the Gravity Range Report.

You will need to copy the adjusted d/D or the maximum q/Q values from the Range report to the Link Information Table to have some values to Map (Figure 3 and 4). The maximum adjusted d/D or the Maximum q/Q can be mapped using the new link information (Figure 5) for the whole simulation and not just the d/D or q/Q for certain time steps.

Figure 2. Maximum Adjusted d/D or Maximum q/Q can be copied from the EPS Range Gravity Main Report.

Figure 3. Create a new variable In the Link Information Table.

Figure 4. New variables for the Map Display from the Range Report in the Pipe Information Tables for Each Link.

Figure 5. Link Information new Parameters of Variables can be used to Display the maximum d/D or q/Q during the EPS simulation.




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    1. InfoSewer Maximum Number of Segments Sensitivity

      The three Run manager parameters, Maximum Number of Segments, Minimum Travel Distance and the Minimum Travel Time in InfoSewer and H2OMAP Sewer affect the shape and flow attenuation of the flow in a link.  The effect of altering the Maximum Number of Segments is to reduce the peak flow and spread out the flow as the number of segments increases(Figure 1).

      Figure 1.  Effect of the Maximum Number of Segments in infoSewer and H2OMAP Sewer

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