Pipe Status Choice List Change in InfoNet v13.0

If you have upgraded to InfoNet v13.0, you may have noticed that the Pipe Status field no longer offers the same choices in its dropdown list as it may have offered previously. This is because, in older version of InfoNet, the Pipe’s Status field accessed the Multiple Objects Status Choice List. In version 13.0, the Status field of the Pipe Asset grid now uses the Multiple Objects Operational Status Choice List.

If you would like to access the same options in the Pipe Status field that you could before, then you can do the following:

  1. From the Network menu, select Standards and Choice Lists
  2. Select Collection Network Choice Lists as the ‘Choice Group’
  3. Select (Multiple Object Types): Status from’ Choice Description’
Status Choice List for Multiple Objects (click to enlarge)

Status Choice List for Multiple Objects (click to enlarge)

4.  Copy all of the fields

5.  Select (Multiple Object Types): Operational Status from ‘Choice Description’

6.  Paste the fields into the Operational Status Choice List

7.  Click Override at the top of the Standards and Choice Lists window if you would like this Operational Status Choice List to be applied to all of the Collection Networks in your master database.

8.  Click OK to apply.

You should now be able to access all Status options for your pipes as you could previously.

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