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InfoWorks is able to work ‘stand-alone’ from a corporate GIS system, but still use MapInfo (TAB/MIF etc) or ESRI (SHP etc) layers as part of the model build process.  It does this via one of three 3rd party mapping components (MapX, MapObjects or MapXtreme).  As to which is available to the end-user will be dependent on the customer’s choice when the InfoWorks licence was originally purchased and how long ago that was.  The old editions provided a choice of MapX for MapInfo files or MapObjects for ESRI files.  Customers had to choose one or the other.  In August 2011 we stopped offering MapX or MapObjects as both products were withdrawn by their respective vendors.   New copies of InfoWorks now ship with MapXtreme, which is able to deal with both MapInfo (TAB/MIF etc) and ESRI (SHP etc) files at the same time with a single 3rd party mapping component.

Old licences of InfoWorks that were purchased with either MapX or MapObjects can be upgraded to MapXtreme by purchasing a MapXtreme licence.  This purchase is made through Innovyze and we will then provide the customer with a new InfoWorks installer bound with a MapXtreme licence.  Such upgrades apply per InfoWorks licence.

If a customer already has an ArcGIS licence on their PC (or available over the corporate network), then any edition of InfoWorks can hook-up to ESRI and use ArcObjects or ArcEngine for map control, regardless of whether the edition shipped with MapX, MapObjects or MapXtreme.  The users just need to go to the tools menu, select options, and then on the Geoplan tab use the ‘Map Control’ dialog to specify you wish to use ArcObjects or ArcEngine as appropriate to the ESRI licences you have.  There is also an InfoWorks option to ignore any installed ArcGIS Client Software thus avoiding the possibility of consuming an ESRI licence if/when it’s not needed.  The screenshot below shows where this choice is made.

InfoWorks Map Control Dialog

InfoWorks Map Control Dialog

The options for ArcObjects or ArcEngine will always show, regardless of the default Map Control supplied with InfoWorks.  The licence is only needed when models are opened in the GeoPlan, so if you have selected either ArcObjects or ArcMap, but you don’t have access to such a licence at that time, then the InfoWorks software will simply pop-up a warning when you open a model, and then allow you to continue without Map Control.

Providing you do have access to a valid ESRI licence, then when you add ESRI layers to your InfoWorks model, you follow the traditional path as shown below.

Selecting ArcGIS Map Layers

Selecting ArcGIS Map Layers in InfoWorks

It’s important to note that Innovyze is not in a position to supply ArcGIS, ArcObjects or ArcEngine.  InfoWorks users will need to contact their local ESRI authorised distributor if they require such ESRI licences.

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