A Guide to the ‘Stored’ Flood Type in InfoWorks CS and ICM

Flood Cone Calculations

Flood Cone Calculations (click to download technical note)

Although now superseded in terms of accuracy and complexity by 2D flooding, the stored flood type remains one of the most commonly used methods of representing flooding within InfoWorks CS and ICM. The principle is that in some situations, as water floods from a manhole, it forms a pool of water which will return to the same manhole when there is capacity available.As the flood depth increases so does the area the flooding occupies, effectively forming an upturned cone.

It is up to the modeller to ensure the dimensions of this cone match the topography of the area surrounding the manhole. There are some intricacies of representing flood cones which modellers should be aware of which are included in the technical note.

Modelling of Pressurised Pipes within InfoWorks ICM and CS Flood Cone Calculations Technical Note

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