Creating a TIN from XYZ manhole data

InfoWorks supports the use of a TIN (triangular irregular network) ground model to represent the ground surface in the area covered by your model. Ground models provide a three dimensional view of the ground terrain. They require three pieces of information:

Ground Model Components

A very basic ground model can be created using the X, Y and ground levels from manholes. More accurate data can be sourced from Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) survey data.

In order to create a ground model from manhole data please follow the steps below.

  • Click on the node grid and highlight the X, Y and Ground level columns
  • Copy the columns without the headings and paste the data into excel
  • Save the file as a Text (Tab delimited)
  • Right click on the catchment group and select New>Ground Model TIN Group. Click OK to the default name.
  • Once the TIN group has been created right click on the group and select New>Ground Model TIN. The following dialogue box should appear:

    Creating TIN

  • Enter a name for the ground model and click on Add
  • Set the Type to Text (X,Y, Z spot heights) and browse for the file name by clicking on the Browse… button.
  • Select the appropriate units and then click on Create TIN
  • Drag the TIN file onto the GeoPlan.
  • Drag the TIN file onto the GeoPlan.
  • Right click on the GeoPlan and select Themes.
  • Set a theme for Ground





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