How to reduce the size of your InfoWorks .iwm database file

There is a maximum size limit of 2GB for the default JET Master Database format that InfoWorks CS, WS, RS & SD uses. If you need a database bigger than that limit then you will need to use several Master Databases, or move to a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle installation. However, it may be that you can simply compress your JET database to reclaim some space.

When you delete any runs, groups or events within your master database you may notice that the size of your .iwm file remains almost the same. The reason for this is that the deleted files remain within the JET database as ghost files. In order to delete them and reduce the size of your .iwm file you need to follow these steps:

    1. Back up your master database
    2. In InfoWorks Administrator go to Database > Compress Database…
    3. Select the master database that needs compressing
    4. In the tick boxes in the compress database dialogue check the ‘reclaim space from disk’ option only.
    5. Click okay
    6. Do the same again but this time check only the ‘clean network data’ option only
    7. Finally, follow the same procedure again checking the ‘reclaim space from disk’ option only.
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