Updating Demand Dataset for Multiple Scenarios in InfoWater

With increasing housing demand, there are often extra networks added to the existing water supply network for newly built housing estates or industrial sites.  These new networks will often have their own demands.  How can you update the demand data sets for multiple scenarios?

This can be done within InfoWater using the Dataset Manager which is a “quick view” dialog box that allows the user to create, view and edit data sets in one easy-to-use location.  For example, in the demand set manager below, there are a number of different demand datasets which can be used for different scenarios.

  1. First create a new demand dataset, such as “Demand2”, for the new network
  2. To add the “Demand2” network demand set to another scenario,  right click the “Demand2” set and select “Copy”.
  3. Now select the target Demand Set, for example the Base Demand Set, right-click on it and select “Paste”.
  4. There are various Paste options that can be used to reconcile the difference and in this example, we will use Append New.

Below are the various “paste” operations:

1)      Append New:  added only new objects from the source

2)      Update Existing: update objects which can also be found in source

3)      Merge: Append New + Update Existing

4)      Replace All: replace target entirely with source

5)      Append All: blindly append all records from source (i.e. control set aggregation)

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