Identify network issues before your SCADA alarm sounds with IWLive verification warnings

Receive faster notification on water distribution abnormalities before they become larger problems. IWLive verification warnings alert utilities to potential issues giving them the ability to react in a preventative manner.

IWLive forecasts the expected future behavior of the system on a regular basis using SCADA data for the current time as initial hydraulic boundary conditions. These latest boundary conditions provide the most accurate starting point to run a forecast simulation for the next 4, 8 or maybe 24 hours.

After the forecast is completed, IWLive continuously monitors the actual SCADA values incoming over time and compares the SCADA values to the values that were projected by IWLive. If the SCADA values deviate from the predicted values by more than a user defined amount a verification warning will alert operators and engineers to a potential system issue.

Example from the control room

IWLive Verification Warnings


A large pipe break occurs in the network and tank levels begin to drop quickly. As tank levels fall the operator is not alerted to this issue until the tank level or nearby pressure drops dangerously low and a SCADA alarms sounds.

With verification warnings the user is alerted to this tank level drop as soon as the SCADA values deviate from the hydraulic simulation projection results more than a specified amount. This early warning allows operators and field crews to respond much faster and in a more strategic fashion.

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