Rainfall data hierarchy in InfoWorks CS and ICM – Why rainfall data may not be used

Users sometimes ask why certain rainfall data is not used within InfoWorks CS or InfoWorks ICM, even though it has been entered. Usually the reason for data being ignored is that it comes from a source with a lower priority than other values which are also present. There is a hierarchy within InfoWorks that dictates in which order rainfall information is retrieved. For any rainfall event the order which is used is as stated below:

  • Runoff data in the subcatchment tab of the subcatchment grid
  • Runoff data in the runoff surface tab of the subcatchment grid
  • Data within the Globals tab of a rainfall event
  • Data within the Time Varying Data tab of a rainfall event

Should there be no data in any of the locations outlined above then the next place that InfoWorks will look in is the profile properties for a profile within the rainfall event. Failing this the last source of data will be the sub-event properties page of a rainfall event under the Time Varying Data tab.

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