Which versions of InfoWorks will work on which editions of Windows?

IT professionals and those who follow the development of computer Operating Systems will be aware Microsoft have announced that Windows XP will go out of support in April 2014.  This means that organisations who are still utilising the old Operating System will be looking to move to the newer Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms in the near future. In turn this will have an effect on the versions of InfoWorks that will work within these environments.

The first point to note is that InfoWorks CS/WS/RS version 7.5 or earlier will only work on Windows XP and it will not be possible to install these versions on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. This is due to fundamental architectural changes that were made for these newer operating systems.

Released in January 2007, Windows Vista was the first operating system following Windows XP. However it was not well received by either the public or businesses and as such most organisations upgrading from Windows XP move straight to Windows 7 or 8. That said InfoWorks CS/WS/RS version 8.0, released in February 2007, had around 85% support on Windows Vista and with a few minor issues resolved version 8.5 became fully compatible.

Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 7, was released to manufacturing in July 2009 and to retail in October 2009. InfoWorks CS/WS/RS is supported on Windows 7 from version 8.5 onwards, but for 100% compatibility version 10.5.6 (issued early 2010) should be used. InfoWorks ICM has supported Windows 7 since its very first release in 2011.

For those moving to Windows 8, InfoWorks CS/WS/RS version 13.5 and InfoWorks ICM version 3.5 are fully compatible; both of which were released in February 2013.

Finally, Microsoft have just announced that Windows 8.1 will be commercially available from the Windows Store on 18th October 2013. InfoWorks CS/RS/WS v14.0 and InfoWorks ICM v4.0 are already fully compatible with Windows 8.1

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