Asset Management Data (InfoNet) and Modelling (InfoWorks WS/CS/ICM)

A question that arises often for clients is ‘How to import data from our modelling software InfoWorks WS/CS/ICM into InfoNet?’.

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. This is because the data lifecycles of InfoNet and InfoWorks are inherently different. Whilst asset management (InfoNet) is about having confidence in data, modelling (InfoWorks WS/CS/ICM) can sometimes make assumptions and simplifications of a dataset through inference and merging, such that a model can be created (quickly) to produce hydraulic simulations.

Innovyze have always provided a mechanism through the use of snapshot files, for InfoWorks WS/CS or directly through the interface for InfoWorks ICM, such that the base of a model can be created from asset management data, the reverse has not been possible. That is to say that the simplifications, assumptions and inferences made in InfoWorks CS/ICM cannot be sent back into InfoNet.

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    About Idris Nujjoo

    Idris is the Product Sector Leader for InfoNet and InfoMaster and has been working for Innovyze (and its earlier incarnations) since 2001 and specifically working on InfoNet and Asset Management for the past decade.
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