Real-time Operational Modelling of Sewers: A Case Study with Thames Water

Study Conclusions Presented at CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Group Conference 2013

William Neale (Thames Water) and Richard Body (Innovyze) first presented the following paper at the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Conference in November 2013.

Computer models have been used for many years for designing and evaluating the performance of sewer networks. These models are easily updated to reflect any changes, proposed or existing, in the study area, and they provide invaluable information to network planners and managers. With the increased availability of real-time gauged data, in addition to both observed and forecast radar data, converting the offline models into real-time operational models can maximise the return on the investment already made in these modelling studies.

In 2009, Thames Water and Innovyze embarked on a pilot study to convert an existing offline InfoWorks CS model into a real-time operational FloodWorks system. The pilot system, located in the North West of London, contains approximately 30,000 modelled nodes and covers the Hammersmith and Fulham area of the Beckton catchment. The aim of the study was to obtain a better understanding of how the network responded to meteorological conditions, in terms of flooding and CSO spills and the day to day operational regime of key network assets such as tanks and pumping stations. Also of interest was investigating the potential for predictive asset management and if this could influence the costs of routine maintenance and renewal. With on-going pressure on capital investment programmes, these represent critical issues for every utility and service provider.

Real Time Operational Modelling of Sewers (click to Download)

Real Time Operational Modelling of Sewers (click to Download)

Looking to the future, it is Thames Water’s intention to move from utilising the InfoWorks CS and FloodWorks platforms to InfoWorks ICM and ICMLive. The FloodWorks model has already been transferred into a working ICMLive model in Innovyze’s Wallingford Offices and testing is underway.

This paper discusses the pilot study process and what lessons were learned. It also assesses the performance of the system from the end of the pilot study period up to the current time, during which time the network model has been upgraded and an operational system, generated for the London 2012 Olympic Games, has been running.

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