Software based licence protection for InfoWorks and InfoNet

With the release of InfoWorks CS/RS/WS v14.5, InfoNet v14.5 and InfoWorks ICM v4.5, we are now able to offer all customers the opportunity to use a software based ‘key’ to authenticate their use of InfoWorks or InfoNet rather than using a hardware lock (Dongle).

The new security ‘key’ is very much like the system used by Microsoft to authenticate a new installation of MS Windows or MS Office, where the customer enters a Product Key on first use and this is authenticated by Innovyze.  This is a one-off process when the Licence Key is first applied.  There is no on-going requirement to re-validate the licence key, except in the situation where a licence is upgraded, downgraded or deactivated, all of which require a further one-off authorisation by Innovyze to complete the process.

Software license keys come in two types, ‘fixed’ [local licence] and ‘floating’ [network licence].  Fixed licences are tied to one particular PC, and not easily moved, so you need to choose your computer hardware carefully before applying a fixed license. Fixed license keys cannot be applied to a Virtual Machine [VM] and can’t be used when connecting to a computer via a Windows Remote Desktop Connection (i.e. Windows RDP Connection).

Floating licences can be acquired ‘on demand’ by any physical computer or any Virtual Machine on the network each time InfoWorks or InfoNet is used.  Floating licences can also be ‘checked out’ from the Floating Licence Server to a specific laptop or workstation for a defined period of time.  Once a licence has been ‘checked-out’ to a local machine, the laptop can be disconnected from the network and used fully stand-alone. Checked-out licences expire at the end of the check-out period.  Once they have been returned to the licence pool they automatically re-activate and become available for others to use.


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    Andrew Walker is a Senior Client Service Manager with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in the computerised analysis of drainage and flooding. He has over 30 years’ experience of modelling the key hydraulic processes involved in urban drainage design and analysis. He is one of the key members of staff tasked with supervising the roll-out and adoption of InfoWorks ICM throughout the UK and wider European marketplace.
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