Dashboards in InfoWorks WS and IWLive

With the addition of Dashboards in IWLive 4.5, operational modelling is better than before. Planners, modellers and operators can now continuously interrogate and display high level overview of data from telemetry or SCADA using the software.

Setting-up Dashboards in InfoWorks WS and IWLive (click to enlarge)

Traditionally, SCADA programs are reactive and would only display alerts or warnings. With the dashboards, users can now easily query and display trends of average, maximum and minimum tank levels or zone pressures on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis via user-defined graphical components. This can be automatically updated in real-time or by defining a period in the past. It can also be exported in HTML format and published to a web server for viewing outside the software.

IWLive provides the direct link between SCADA and the hydraulic model. The link can be configured via InfoWorks WS Plus or InfoWater Configuration Manager which is included when you upgrade to IWLive. Live data connection supports many database types like Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, PI, and ClearSCADA.

Dashboards are easy to setup. You could either query asset information from the model or live data. Below are general steps to set-up dashboards. The images are applicable for setting-up dashboards to query live data.

  1. Define Stored Query (SQL) Objects or Aggregate Queries. Each SQL or Aggregate Query can be applied to one network object (asset) or one live data feed respectively.

    Live Data Aggregate Queries (click to enlarge)

  2. Add Widgets. Widgets are graphical components that can be added to dashboards.

    Dashboard Object – Design View (click to enlarge)

  3. Define widgets by associating an SQL object to a network or Aggregate Queries to a Live Data Configuration object.
  4. Update and view the dashboards

    Dashboard Object – Dashboard View (click to enlarge)

If you need more help in setting-up dashboards in InfoWorks WS Plus, InfoWater Configuration Manager or IWLive please contact support@innovyze.com.

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