Creating a Robust PROMPT SQL for use in InfoNet Scheduling – Part 2

In my previous post I highlighted some essential code to include in scheduling, in this post I will outline some useful code on how to ensure that only desired values are entered. Revisiting the code used in my previous post:

SQL Dialog Box

SQL Dialog Box

IF $COUNT > 0;

LIST $direction = ‘upstream’, ‘downstream’;

PROMPT TITLE ‘Select Direction’;
PROMPT LINE $DirectionSelected ‘Choose Direction Of Survey: ‘ STRING LIST $direction;

WHILE $DirectionSelected ‘upstream’ AND $DirectionSelected ‘downstream’;



IF $DirectionSelected = ‘upstream’;
SET direction = ‘U’;
SET start_manhole = ds_node_id;
SET finish_manhole = us_node_id;

ELSEIF $DirectionSelected = ‘downstream’;
SET direction = ‘D’;
SET start_manhole = us_node_id;
SET finish_manhole = ds_node_id;



The code of interest is the following line prioir the PROMPT…

WHILE $DirectionSelected ‘upstream’ AND $DirectionSelected ‘downstream’;

… which ensures that unless any of the values from the list are selected then the PROMPT will keep on being re-displayed. This ensures that if an end user of the SQL types in a value which is different from those in the list then the PROMPT keeps displaying an the SQL doesn’t move on.

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