InfoNet Mobile – Changing the Type of an Existing Field

Once a field has been added to a form it is subsequently possible to change the type of field to better suit your data capture requirements. For example you may want to change a field from a text box to combo box. This would allow you create a selection list for user to populate the field with rather than simple free typing, helping to reduce errors and increase data quality.

In the example below you will see how the location code field can be modified from its default text box to be a combo box.

The location code field has been added to a manhole survey form in its default configuration.

Now from the Toolbox you need to find and select the Combo Box item, then drag this onto the chosen field you want to modify. Like below the field will turn green.

Now you are prompted with the dialogue below. Here you can choose to replace the existing field with a new one or change the type of the existing field. In this example we will change the location code to have a type of Combo Box. Simply select the change option to do this.

Now changed when the location code field is selected like in the screen shot below you can see via the properties box in the bottom left of the form design window that the field is now a combo box and the settings for the combo box can be fully customised.

Now should you want to you can utilise the combo box functionality to populate the location code field from a fixed list of data manually setup on the InfoNet Mobile form or with dynamic data pulled from InfoNet.

A fixed contents list can be setup by selecting the contents option under the combo box properties list and manually entering the required values.

Dynamic data can be used from InfoNet by selecting the dynamic contents option under the combo box properties list and selecting which dynamic data source to use as required.

Changing field types and utilising combo boxes is a great way to simplify data capture but also maintain control over the quality of the data being entered.

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