InfoNet Mobile – Modifying the Extent for Viewing a Report on the Map

When you search and find or select to view a report on the map a default extent is used to show the reports location. It is possible to modify the extent at which the map is displayed when viewing a report. This option is a map specific setting so please consider this when setting up multiple applications or maps.

Below is an example of the where the setting can be useful and how it can be modified.

When you want to see a report on the map you can right click on the report from the list in your saved or completed view and select the option to view report on map.

This will switch you to the map view and center in on your chosen report.

Depending on the way you have other map layers visibility and labeling setup you may find that the default extent provides either too much or not enough detail. To modify the extent that the map zooms to when locating a report on the map you need to go to Maps, Edit Map.

When editing the map there is a map setting located under the view options called Report View Extent. If you zoom the map to the point at which you want reports to be displayed and then click the button next to the Report View Extent option and set the extent.

Once you have changed the setting you will need to save your changes and then publish the application to make the changes visible to all users.

Once you have published the change when you follow the same process to view a report on the map you will now see that the map extent initially loaded is as per your selection in the map editor.

Now with the modified extent when locating a map on a report, more of the surround area and assets are now visible. This provides additional context to the location of the selected report for the end user and should make the feature more useful.

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