Editing River Reach River and Bank Section Data Manually in InfoWorks ICM

Ever wanted to edit River Reach data rather than going through the various steps in the River Reach sub-menu?

By default, the river section and river bank section data editors are greyed out so that they cannot be edited manually.  The data can be updated using the various tools in the river reach sub-menu and also using SQL queries.  This ensures that the river reach data matches that of the inputted survey data (ie, cross-sections and banklines).  However, there are occasions when a river modeller may want to modify the model data within the river reach property sheet to simulate flood alleviation measures or represents dredging scenarios or similar without rebuilding the river reach geometry.

It is possible to allow direct editing of the river section and bank section data, this can be changed by going to Tools-Options-General and tick the option to ‘Allow editing of river reach data’.  This will mean the river section and bankline section data editors are not greyed out and the values can be edited manually as required.

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    About Duncan Kitts

    Duncan Kitts is a Senior Support Engineer with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in River modelling and 2D modelling. He has over 9 years experience of modeling the key hydraulic processes involved in both fluvial systems and urban drainage environments. Duncan is responsible for providing support of both infoworks ICM and Infoworks RS.
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