The new ‘Mesh Level Zones’ in InfoWorks ICM version 5.5 and their Potential Applications

Exciting new functionality has been added to InfoWorks ICM version 5.5 to allow improved 2D mesh editing.  Mesh level zones are objects added to the network geometry which are used as part of the mesh generation process.  They offer improved functionality compared to the existing Mesh Zone mesh editing tools.  The Mesh Level Zones allow the users to interpolate levels, specify vertices with different heights or adjustments, all of which allow the user to represent or create a wider array of surface features within the 2D mesh.  The below document explains more about using them in InfoWorks ICM 5.5 and their potential applications:-

Download Paper Mesh Level Zones and their Application in InfoWorks ICM 5.5



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    Duncan Kitts is a Senior Support Engineer with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in River modelling and 2D modelling. He has over 9 years experience of modeling the key hydraulic processes involved in both fluvial systems and urban drainage environments. Duncan is responsible for providing support of both infoworks ICM and Infoworks RS.
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