Leveraging your CCTV data in the InfoMaster Decision Tree (Rehab Planning)

Once CCTV data (pipe, manhole, or lateral inspections) have been imported into InfoMaster and run through our CCTV Analysis Wizard, all of the defect information and scored values are associate to the assets and may be used in InfoMaster analysis tools. Users can use this information in the:

  1. Reliability Analysis tools (thus specifying defects or scores that are indicative of pipe failure)
  2. Risk Analysis tools (for example, defining a Likelihood of Failure based n Quick rating scores)
  3. Rehab Planning (Decision Tree, the topic of this blog entry)

There are many ways to use the CCTV data in your Rehab Logic


To look at specific Defects and/or their modifiers, simply select the “Count of Defects” and use the Query builder to help you build and validate your statement


Whamo, you have just asked the program to identify any pipe that has at least one Infiltration Dripper (as an example), from there you can assign any specific or custom Rehab Action to assign to the pipe. Users can build multi-parameter logic statements as well.

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