Copying SQLs from an Internet Browser into InfoNet. Error Message: Error Parsing Query: Invalid Character at Start Of Token ‘‘’

Copying SQL syntax directly from an internet browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) into an SQL dialog box in InfoNet will return an error when the user attempts to test or to run the query. Error messages similar to the following are returned.



The issue arises because the publishing application used to create the blog changes certain characters. The more common characters changed are the quotes ‘, colon : and the minus sign -. To fix this use the Windows Operating System Notepad application. This application allows the copying of the syntax into the application and use its replace functionality (main menu Edit > Replace) to globally replace all the offending characters.

The following image shows an example of syntax that has been copied into Notepad and the replace dialog replacing the opening quote of a sting being replaced by double quotes. Opening and closing quotes when querying for strings is the commonest error. NB you’ll probably need replace the opening quote as well as the closing quote.


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