ArcGIS and ArcEngine 10.3 are now supported by InfoWorks and InfoNet

For customers who use ESRI ArcGIS or ArcEngine version 10.3, these products are now supported by InfoWorks and InfoNet. In order to use ArcGIS or ArcEngine 10.3 you will need to download the latest patch from our website.

The patches required are:

  • InfoWorks ICM               5.5.5
  • InfoWorks ICM SE         5.5.5
  • ICMLive                           5.5.5
  • InfoNet                           15.5.5
  • InfoWorks WS               15.5.3
  • IWLive                            15.5.3
  • InfoWorks RS                15.5.3
  • InfoWorks CS                15.5.3
  • InfoWorks SD                15.5.3

These patches are now available to download from the product updates section of our website for all supported customers.

Note that earlier versions of these products will not recognise ArcGIS 10.3 installations and will generate the following error message: “ArcGIS Licence Error: ArcGIS product not installed”.

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