Categorize your CCTV Inspection Data Fields for easy review with InfoMaster

InfoMaster is a NASSCO Certified Asset Management software for PACP/MACP/LACP data (in addition, the MSCC, EN 13508-2, WSA-05, and New Zealand standards are supported). As such, InfoMaster handles all required fields from a given survey. However, perhaps there are only a few fields that matter to you the most when reviewing or analyzing your CCTV data in InfoMaster. Our interactive data table lets you customize which fields are visible, group fields together, and expand/collapse these groups to simplify your tabular view and enhance the overall viewing capabilities of CCTV data in InfoMaster in tandem with the 3-D internal view.

Simply click the “Edit Fields” button on the Inspections tab…


And you can go from this:


…with just a few steps

(Add new categories or edit existing ones)




Right+Click on a given field to organize and specify which category you want it in


…to this!

A more organized view of our condition assessment data, for review, analysis, or other (in this case I can see some basic Inspection data is missing!)


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