Theming the differences between two sets of results

Often we wish to see the difference between two sets of results displayed in the GeoPlan. This can easily be done in InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS by using a SQL Theme.

In the example below I will be using a 2D mesh but it could be pressure at a node, or flow in a conduit.

Step 1: With a set of results already open Right Click on the second set of simulation results and Open As


Step 2: Select As Alternate Results For Comparison
Note that the header bar shows that both simulations are open in the same GeoPlan view.  Also note that for this particular theme the mesh needs to be the same in each simulation.


Step 3: Use a SQL Theme to compare the differences


1: Click on SQL Button to create an SQL Expression to use in the theme
2: Add New and
3: Enter a name

Step 4: Enter the SQL function – use the field type drop down to vary the simulation.  When complete press Save and then Close.


Step 5: It may take some time for ICM to update the themes dialog as ICM is calculating the results for each timestep. But you should now be able to scale the theme and apply to the results.



The picture below shows the resultant theme displaying the difference in maximum water level between the two simulations.  This theme is dynamic and can be replayed, or viewed as the maxima and the detail for each mesh element will show the result of the SQL calculation


Result Grid

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