Tip for InfoWorks ICM Model Building – Using the Trace Tools on the Background (InfoNet) Network.

It can be useful to be able to the select objects of an InfoNet collection network whilst in a modelling environment, namely InfoWorks ICM. With an InfoNet collection network loaded as a background network onto a model GeoPlan it is possible to select using the select tool as well as SQL. From the selection of the assets a model can be built. The one problem is that the tracing tools, trace and select link downstream and trace and select link upstream do not work on the background model.

Asset Network in a Model (Tracing  Tools)

Asset Network in a Model (Tracing Tools)

The workaround to this is to open the InfoNet Collection Network as well as having it open in the InfoWorks ICM GeoPlan. The trace can be carried out in the InfoNet GeoPlan, the objects are then selected in the model. The model can now be built from this selection.

Trace in InfoNet, Select in ICM

Trace in InfoNet, Select in ICM

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