New Validation tool in InfoMaster allows you to easily compare data across multiple sources

Our new and improved (totally revamped) Validation tool in InfoMaster (v.6) allows users to easily compare, validate, edit, and resolve discrepancies across multiple data sources. That may include all InfoMaster analysis results, GIS layers, as well as any other ODBC compliant table that links to the assets via an ID. The query-based interface is very similar to our Rehab Planning Decision Tree, this allows users to very easily build complex logic and/or evaluating statements to compare data across multiple sources.

For example, we can easily compare the difference between our GIS values for Pipe Material and that of the observed values from a CCTV Survey.

We can build a Validation Rule, select the “Material” field (values) from our GIS for Gravity Mains; then select a CCTV Survey from our ‘InfoMaster Internal Data’ to compare those values against.

1_Validation with Table Selector


(If needed, we can easily query values or features within our statement as well)

2_Query builder


When we run the Validation, we produce a Validation report (we can create and run as many validations as we’d like to, all the windows are floating as well for ease of reporting and review). The Validation report shows the raw values we selected for analysis, the Rule outcome, and more…



We can query the results to narrow-down exactly what we want to view in the report. In this example, I want to look at all the pipes that had Unknown (“UNK”) Material value in GIS.

4_Query results


I can also resolve the data discrepancies right from this report with the “Resolve Conflict” feature. In this case, I have selected the CCTV Material values to override.

5_Resolve Conflict


(Another easy way to update pipe information from CCTV data is through the Import Manager. Simply select the “Survey Import” you wish to use t update your pipe information from, map the fields, and go!)

6_Update Pipe material from CCTV via Import

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