Transferring CS to ICM

Transferring data from CS to ICM is a very simple and straight forward procedure.

To transfer your data from IWCS to ICM you need to start the CS administrator and then open InfoWorks explorer via the “View” menu 1


Then right click on the master database in the top of the open window and select “Export to InfoWorks ICM”. This will allow a cs2icm file to be saved this can later be copied into ICM.



One thing worth noting at this stage is that it is possible to select the specific data of interest, objects can be individually marked or removed for copying into the migration file.



NOTE: From version 14.5 onwards you do not need to have a CS license to open InfoWorks CS Administrator.

In ICM right click on Master Database> Import> Import model data from InfoWorks CS migration file in order to open the migration file and allow the copying of the contents to ICM.



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