A quick way to check whether a river bank is connected to 2D

Occasionally we get models sent to the support team where the river banks are not correctly or completely connected to the 2D domain which represents the out-of-bank flow.  The following theme will allow you to theme those 2D elements which are connected to banklines.  By applying a bright colour and a thicker line, you can quite quickly visualise which river reach banklines are connected to the 2D Zone and which aren’t.  This also works for inline banks.

2D Element theme to show river bank connections

2D Element theme to show river bank connections


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    About Duncan Kitts

    Duncan Kitts is a Senior Support Engineer with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in River modelling and 2D modelling. He has over 9 years experience of modeling the key hydraulic processes involved in both fluvial systems and urban drainage environments. Duncan is responsible for providing support of both infoworks ICM and Infoworks RS.
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