Compare Surge Analysis Results between Scenarios

When users do surge analysis with InfoSurge, H2OSURGE, or H2OMAP Surge, they will change quite a number of hydraulic parameters related to valve operation, pump operation, and surge protection device. The following shows a procedure to compare surge analysis results between different scenarios.

1. Run the surge analysis without a surge tank


2. Click Save image003button in Run Manager dialog
3. Save the current output source as a user-defined output source named “Without_SurgeTank” (refer to the following screenshot)


when you are prompted for output source name, click OK.


4. Select a junction (e.g., Junction 480) and click Surge Protection Toolimage008   in Model Explorer, and insert a closed surge tank for the junction as shown below


5. Run the surge simulation again, then the default output source “*Active*:Surge” gets updated
6. Select Junction 478, and click image011and  graph it
7. In the current graph, click the Reference Graph image012  button, click the Reference Sources tab, check the Data from Other Output Source(s) option, select the user-defined output source, and click OK twice to view the comparison (see the following two screenshots)



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