Exporting River Sections Results

A common query sent to the support team is how can a modeller export results for every river section present within the model network as this can be an important output for some clients (EA) and useful for further analysis such as freeboard analysis.

The easiest way this can be done using the csv export option (under Results-CSV Export).  With this tool you can export results from multiple simulations.  If the simulations have river sections present within them then under the Links tab will be the option to select a number of RR_ results when RR indicates river reach.

River Section CSV Export Dialogue

River Section CSV Export Dialogue

These parameters allow export of river section results for a number of parameters:-

  • Section Chainage
  • Section Depth
  • Section Flow
  • Section Froude Number
  • Section Level
  • Section Cumulative Flow
  • Section Total Head
  • Section Velocity

The user can choose to export these result parameters for each section for all results timesteps or for the maximum value throughout the simulation.

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