UPDATE!!! Our newest Validation tool in InfoMaster allows you to easily compare data across multiple sources in a simplified manner, and now, easily compare Risk and Rehab Scenarios with just a single click!

We’ve revamped our Validation tool yet again and added additional reporting for comparing Risk and Rehab Scenarios. We’ve taken the added functionality from our last release and streamlined, simplified, and just plain made it better.

The new tool continues to allow users to easily compare, validate, edit, and resolve discrepancies across multiple data sources. This may include all InfoMaster analysis results, GIS layers, as well as any other ODBC compliant table that links to the assets via an ID. But we’ve changed the interface and added back the original default Validation rules for scrubbing your asset data with ease.

Users may select which rules they want to run from a list of common and default rules, and/or create new custom validation rules.


(Here, we are looking at Gravity Mains, and comparing two (2) separate Risk runs that we have performed in an effort to fully vet our highest risk pipes. In addition, we have selected our “Comments” field to write to)

When we run the Validation, InfoMaster will produce a Validation report (we can create and run as many validations as we’d like to, all the windows are floating as well for ease of reporting and review). The Validation report shows the raw values we selected for analysis, the Rule outcome, and more. There is a query dialog we can use to build a query statement (for example: show me where the compared values are different), as well as drop-downs for selecting which Rule results we want to view and/or records that have been ‘Reviewed’ or not.


We can also resolve the data discrepancies (and/or write to a desired field, such as the “Comments” field) right from this report with the “Resolve Conflict” feature.


In this example, based on the fact that this Gravity Main received Risk scores of 5 and 4 (out of 5) from two (2) separate Risk calculations (scenarios), we have deemed that this pipe is in fact “HIGH RISK” and we have written a custom comment to the “Comments” field communicating this fact.

We can see the “Comments” field for this Gravity Main has been updated…


The record has now also been automatically tagged as “Reviewed” and stamped with date/time which it was reviewed.

4_Record Reviewed

In addition, there is an even more streamlined and simple way to compare Risk and/or Rehab recommendations with just a simple click!!!

Simply Right+click on the Risk or Rehab top tree element and choose “Reports.”


This report shows a summary of all of the (Risk or Rehab) scenarios that we have run, side-by-side in a single report.

Query the results, and save the results as a PDF if you wish…


In addition to these features, InfoMaster has many reporting options. These include:

  • Standard Reports and Graphs
  • Dashboards
  • ArcGIS Feature Classes and maps
  • ArcGIS OnLine
  • HTML Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • and more…

For more information about Reporting contact your local Client Service Manager or Innovyze Support


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