New Theme for Controlled objects in InfoWorks WS

In the process of setting up a model for simulation, many objects will have control applied. To find Controlled objects you can visit each object and inspect its control tab but that could be rather laborious. A new Valve and Pump Status Theme can be used to show valve and pump control status in the Geoplan.

Available since version 16, this new Theme can be applied to valves and pumps whenever control is available. Before and after simulation, the Pump and Valve control Status theme can be applied in addition to link and node themes.

Accessed from the Theme menu, the Valve and Pump Status Theme can be customised to the user’s requirements and may be applied to the Geoplan of the static Network and Control or the Geoplan of results.

A new “Has Valve” option has been appended to the pipe grid. When the “Has Valve” option is checked for a pipe and the Valve and Pump Status theme is applied, a small symbol appears at the centre of the pipe link. The symbol is green if the pipe is open and red if it is closed.

slide 1a

Individual colours can be chosen to illustrate the precise controls applied including whether the object is controlled by a User Programmable Control (Rules Regulated):

slide 2a

When results are open the user can choose to Theme the Control Status or the Result Status. Without results only the control status can be Themed. As usual the Thematic Key shows the Themes applied:slide 4

Here is an illustration of the value of this new capability:
Network and control without Valve and Pump Status Theme:

slide 6slide 7

Note the valves are all the default colour. The status of the valves cannot be seen without a Theme.
Network and control with Valve and Pump Status Theme and no results:

slide 8slide 9

Here we can see that two valves are closed (red), one valve is set to 100% open in the control (green) and two valves have no control (black).
After running the simulation, we can apply Themes for valve status, link flow and node pressure:

slide 10slide 15

Here we can see that the valves which have no Control are fully open. The pipe flow theme is showing that there is no flow through the closed valves. The flow theme is showing flow through the open valves and the meter. The node and hydrant pressures are all about the same because where valves are closed, no nodes are isolated.
To model servicing the meter, we can change the configuration of the valves so that the meter is isolated:

slide 12slide 13

Now all the valves have Control setting them either fully closed or fully open. We can now run a simulation to confirm that demand will be satisfied with the meter by-passed.

slide 14slide 15

Here we have the meter isolated for service and the flow passing around the meter through the opened valves. The pressure at the isolated nodes is zero showing that the nodes and the meter are isolated.


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