New Feature in ICM 6.5 to Copy a Specific Committed Version of a Network

One of the most useful features within InfoWorks ICM is the version control which allows uses to build their model iteratively, committing (Saving to the master database) at regular intervals and keeping a full QA of the model commit history together with users, versions, data/times and details in the form of user notes.  This allows modellers, managers and end clients to see the full history of the model development and go back to any of the previously committed versions if desired.

Although in most cases such a commit history is useful to modellers and end users, some modellers wanted a final version of the network without the commit history QA or the various iterative version during the model build process.  Prior to version 6.5, there were various roundabout approaches to do this, but now in version 6.5 there is a much more efficient method to copying a particular committed version, together with it’s scenarios, into another location in the Master Database from where it can be copied and pasted into a transportable database as required.  This approach removes the QA information, the version history and in some instances reduces the file size of the final network when copying to a transportable database for transfer to another user.

To copy a particular commited version, firstly open the Commit History (Network-Version Control-Show Commit History), select the version you want to copy, select the ‘Copy’ button and then choose where you want to save that version too.

Figure 1: Copy a Network Version from the Commit History

Figure 1: Copy a Network Version from the Commit History

After a short moment you will then be able to access the new network, with a copy of the data for the selected commit versions without the previous commit history.

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