InfoWorks ICM : Network Dongle Selection Method

If you have multiple Network Dongles for InfoWorks ICM they can all be hosted in the same physical server. The end-user accesses a particular device by referencing the dongles Hardware Serial Number.  This is a unique 10 digit number set by the manufacturer at the time pf production, it’s not the InfoWorks Licence number that Innovyze assign to the dongle when you buy a software licence.

Local Licence Key Wizard
When the InfoWorks ICM software is first installed on PC (or when a new version is installed for the first time), the licence wizard must be run once with the “All Users” setting.  Choose a dongle that anyone who might be using that PC would normally expect to utilise (i.e. the default choice).  Selecting the “All Users” option needs an account with elevated Windows permissions because it sets an all-important registry key for that version of the InfoWorks ICM software.


Once the “All Users” setting has been applied, individual users can then run the Wizard and select the “Current User” option.  This setting is local to the Windows login ID on that machine and is designed to work with standard windows permissions.  The “Current User” option will override the “All Users” selection, which is how you’ll swap between the “default” dongle and any other dongle you have when needed.  The Licence Wizard has an option to remove the “Current User” settings, and if you do that your account will revert to the default “All Users” dongle settings.

You must define the server hosting the Network Dongle using the real Windows hostname of the Server.  We’ve found that the Sentinel dongle software doesn’t seem to tolerate ‘alias’ names on some networks.

Simulations run on your own PC
When a simulation is launched on the end-users own PC, the Simulation Engine will use the dongle settings defined by the Licence Key Wizard.  This will either be the default “All Users” setting, or the override setting defined by the “Current User” option, if one has been set.

Simulations run on a remote PC/Server
When a simulation is launched on a remote PC, the Simulation Engine on that machine will use the dongle settings explicitly defined in the ICM Agent Manager dialog on that remote machine (see screenshot shown below).  The local Licence Key ICM AgentWizard settings on a remote machine do not apply to any Simulations sent to that machine by someone using InfoWorks ICM on a different computer.

The remote Simulation will have no knowledge of the local dongle settings on any other machines in the Workgroup and it won’t see any settings that might apply to anyone physically logged onto the remote machine as a local user either.

As with the Licence Key Wizard, you must use the actual Windows hostname of the server hosting the Network Dongle when defining the dongle server settings in the ICM Agent Manager dialog box.










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