Technical Note: Adding Control Profiles to IWLive (InfoWorks)

Objects in an IWLive projection can be controlled from an external source – such as SCADA. For instance, using a future forecast set point for downstream pressure at a PRV defined in SCADA and observed valve opening values.

The following is available as a PDF download: Technical Note – Control Profiles in UPC

InfoWorks WS Plus

In InfoWorks WS Plus create a pair of Live Data Feeds referring to the SCADA point and the forecast. In the example below – the first feed is a future forecast of set points and the second is a historic SCADA feed.

Live Data Configuration

Figure 1 Defining the Live Data Feed

Figure 1: WS Plus Live Data Configuration: Defining the Live Data Feed

Also add a Live Data Point for each of these data streams.

Figure 2 Creating a Live Data Point

Figure 2: WS Plus Live Data Configuration: Creating a Live Data Point

Figure 3 Live Data Point Definition

Figure 3: WS Plus Live Data Configuration: Live Data Point definition


With the Live Data Configuration open but minimised open the Control object ‘As a Grid’ and add the two feeds into the Control Profile tab.

Figure 4 Defining the Control Profile

Figure 4: WS Plus Control: Defining the Control Profile

These profiles can then be referred to in the UPC Scripts.

UPC Script

A variable (VAR) needs to be defined referring to the forecast profile. This variable can then be referred to in the rule – in the example below the default rule is allowing the valve to change its opening to maintain the level defined in the profile.

The SCADAopen variable is used to pass the initial opening into the script where the elapsed simulation time is 00:00.

Figure 5 Using Profile in a rule

Figure 5: WS Plus Control UPC Script: Using the Profiles in the rule definition


In the Baseline you need to link the Live Data Configuration and the Control Profiles by going to the Fields tab.

Figure 6a Assigning the Feed (Forecast)

Figure 6a: WS Plus Baseline Fields: Assigning the Live Data Feed to the Control Profile (Forecast)

Figure 6b Assigning the Feed (Normal)

Figure 6b: WS Plus Baseline Fields: Assigning the Live Data Feed to the Control Profile (Normal)

As the UPC Script completely defines the valve (Opening settings and ongoing set points) we do not need to set any other fields.
Enable the baseline and projections will start to use the profile values.

Trouble shooting.

If you are unsure what IWLive is using for a projection the individual files that comprise a projection can be reviewed in WS Plus.

In the Model Group Window – or the Explorer view – show “Hidden Items”. This will expose some additional items for review.  You will see a Projection Run Group, Demand Diagram Group, Demand Scaling Group, Electricity Tariff Group and an IWLive Run Info Group for each Baseline. The controls will also have children created for each projection (or adhoc) run created.

These objects can be opened and reviewed as necessary.

Figure 7 Reviewing the Profile

Figure 7: WS Plus Control: Reviewing Control Profile

Note in the instance above that the control dates have been based on the original Control Time interval although the profile is correctly applied within IWLive.

Figure 8 Control Time Interval

Figure 8: WS Plus Control Time Interval (Menu > Network > Control Time Interval)

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