InfoWater 2D – The Comprehensive Solution for Water Main Breaks

When a water main breaks, the utility has to figure out an emergency response plan within a short period of time. Numerous analyses including hydraulic simulation are required to answer the following questions:

  • How to isolate the broken water main?
  • How large is the main break flow?
  • How much is the total water volume loss/spill?
  • What is the flood extent/flow path due to the main break?
  • What is the maximum flood depth due to the main break?
  • How to assess the damage to properties from flooding?

InfoWater 2D provides a comprehensive solution to address all these questions.

The user can do a break analysis to get the break flow and volume with a few clicks of selecting the target pipe, specifying the break time and the break location, running the break analysis, and viewing the break graph.

Break Analysis

InfoWater Pipe Break Analysis

The user can then perform a detailed 2D hydraulic simulation by defining a flooding scope, creating a mesh, specifying 2D boundary conditions, running the 2D simulation, and viewing the flow path, maximum depth, and other 2D hydraulic parameters.

InfoWater 2D Hydraulic Analysis

InfoWater 2D Hydraulic Analysis

The user can also produce a property damage report based on the maximum flood depth from the 2D simulation outputs.

InfoWater 2D Damage Report

InfoWater 2D Damage Report

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