InfoWorks ICM Suite and ICM Executive Suite


The ICM Suite and ICM Executive Suite are two extensions we offer for InfoWorks ICM.  They comprises of four advanced modelling tools, which dramatically extend the capabilities of a basic InfoWorks ICM modelling licence.

The modules within ICM Suite are:

  • RiskMaster
    • A risk-based analysis extension that enables InfoWorks ICM to accurately compute both the damage caused by specific flood events and expected annual flood damage. Calculations are based on the hydraulic, hydrologic and economic data for any number of simulated damage receptors including residential, commercial and industrial properties. These powerful predictive analysis capabilities provide InfoWorks ICM users with both a quantification of the current flood risk associated with their collection systems and a long-term planning framework for making the most effective decisions on flood risk management and alleviation strategies.

  • TSDB
    • TSDB (Time Series Database) provides accurate network performance and operational information from real-time data, enabling engineers and operators to quickly and reliably assess the integrity of the network and respond to potential overflows, flooding and other non-routine events.  TSDB is a powerful and comprehensive time-series database that lets utilities archive, analyse and aggregate real-time and historical data, including radar images and meteorological forecasts, into user-defined actionable information. They can then use this data to drive simulations of past and future events for optimal management of integrated catchment systems
  • PDM
    • PDM is a rainfall-runoff model based on probability-distributed moisture stores and translation of runoff and drainage via routing stores. PDM was designed to provide a toolkit of model algorithms (standard, splitting and demand-based) which can be configured and calibrated to suit a wide variety of catchment response forms. It also provides real-time forecasting of flows for any complex river catchments. Model inputs are rainfall and evaporation over the catchment. Output is river flow (or level) at the catchment outlet along with other important parameters including soil moisture deficit and the various flow components (e.g. infiltration excess runoff, inflow to groundwater store, baseflow, fast response surface flow).

In years gone by RiskMaster, TSDB and PDM were sold as separate upgrades for ICM, but in 2015 the decision was taken to bundle them all together under the ICM Suite banner.  The pricing model was revised at the same time.  The individual products are no longer available separately, but anyone who purchased RiskMaster, TSDB or PDM in the past will be provided with the other tools in the ICM Suite at no additional charge at their next Support Renewal.

The next step up from the ICM Suite is the ICM Executive Suite. This contains the three modelling tools in ICM Suite, plus the addition of:-

  • ICMExchange 
    • ICMExchange is a full-featured programmer’s toolkit that enables users to directly import and export InfoWorks ICM data in a variety of formats (e.g., Oracle, SQL, CSV, MIF/MID, Geodatabases, Shapefiles, etc.) as well as interface with the powerful InfoWorks ICM simulation engine to create their own custom solutions. Having access to this tailored functionality right out of the box also streamlines the creation of independent applications and custom interfaces that enable users to view or modify data for evaluation and comparison of various modelling scenarios. Armed with these capabilities, a Water Utilities or a Consultant can adapt the input and output from their InfoWorks ICM models to meet specific project needs in a fully automated process that increases efficiencies. These abilities empower them to work more efficiently and instantly get the reliable information they need to make better design and operational decisions for optimal performance. Read white paper about ICMExchange.

Those who already have ICM Suite can upgrade to Executive Suite at any time.  ICMExchange is not available separately, you have to purchase the Executive Suite to have access to ICMExchange.

The hyperlinks I’ve included for each of the specific applications in the Suite and Executive Suite will provide much greater detail if needed, but I hope you’ll appreciate from the outline I’ve provided above that these tools are valuable, albeit complex, additions to the basic ICM modelling product.  The support fees associated with the ICM Suite and the ICM Executive Suite reflect the additional support load incurred by the Innovyze Support Team when these products are utilised by the hydraulic modelling community.


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