Using ICMLive and SWMMLive to Disseminate Alerts

One powerful feature of ICMLive and SWMMLive is the ability to automatically disseminate alerts via email to targeted stakeholders. In ICMLive and SWMMLive  it is possible to generate alerts on anything – from the simple (high water levels or predicted pump operations) to the more complex (high water level AND heavy rain, or the difference between the observed and modeled water level being greater than a defined threshold).

ICMLive and SWMMLive have a built in email client that uses SMTP to distribute emails where those alerts have been triggered. These alerts can then be sent to either targeted individuals or to distribution lists.  The alerts will contain detailed information about the alert as well as giving the ability to put in detailed information that pertain to that alert, for example giving contact details for customers or operators that need to be notified or providing information about where a problem may occur.

Alerts can also be sent multiple times to ensure that the message has got through.


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