Using multiple GPU Cards with InfoWorks ICM

Custom GPU Settings – available since InfoWorks ICM v6.0

When a Desktop or Workstation contains multiple GPU cards, the 2D engine in InfoWorks ICM will cycle through all the available cards and pick one to use for each simulation. The criteria to select a card is based on the memory available in the card.TESLA-QUADRO

Custom GPU settings can be used to force the 2D engine to use a specific card, or to loop through a list of GPU cards in a specific order (as specified by the user) and then select the one with the highest free memory. The Custom GPU settings can also be used to force the 2D engine to ignore certain cards.

To get the list of available GPUs, open a command window as Administrator and type:
cd “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI”

Then run the following on the command line:
nvidia-smi –query-gpu=pci.bus –format=csv

Or, alternatively, to see the name and display mode of the cards associated with a pci.bus ID, use the following query:
nvidia-smi –query-gpu=name,pci.bus,display_mode –format=csv

Configuration of the GPU card usage by the 2D engine is implemented in the Agent Options dialog box associated with the ICM Agent of the PC/Workstation containing the GPU cards.

The pci.bus values can then be copied into the Custom Settings box of the ICM Agent, using the following keywords and syntax:

  • GPUUSE=0xnn,0xnn,…
  • GPUAVOID=0xnn,0xnn,…
  • GPUANY=b

where 0xnn, is the (hex) pci.bus ID (the ID as identified using the command line query above) of a GPU card and ‘b’ is 1 or 0.  It’s important to note that you must include a comma (,) after each pci.bus ID reference, including the last item on the line.

The following rules apply:

If the GPUANY keyword is 0 or absent, then:

  • Only those cards listed after GPUUSE will be used.
  • If GPUUSE is absent, the GPU with the highest specification will be used.
  • The list after GPUAVOID will be ignored.

If the GPUANY keyword is set to 1:

  • Any card except those listed after GPUAVOID will be used.
  • If GPUAVOID is absent, any card will be used.
  • The list after GPUUSE will be ignored.

Please contact Innovyze for further details on how to configure custom settings.

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