Innovyze Wins Top 5 Most Read/Looked At Ad

AWWA_AdImpact_AwardInnovyze AWWA Ad ranked in the Top 5 Most Read/Looked At Ad by Signet Research, Inc. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) retains Signet Research every year to conduct an AdImpact Study and create the Top 5 Most Read/Looked At Ad list. Established in 1968, Signet Research Inc. is a leading provider of Ad Measurement studies specializing in publication, association, and advertising research. The objective of the Signet AdImpact Study is to measure Exposure of ads that appeared in a particular issue and specific actions respondents took as a result of reading the measured ad.

The AdImpact study included 202 participants from water utilities, government agencies, consulting firms and contractors. Some unanimous comments on our ad included:

“Like the potential this offers. Supports good asset management protocols. Offers value for justifying rates, maintenance needs, capital prioritization and rehabbing existing systems.”
–  Executive, Public Water Supply-Municipally Owned

“Interesting and engaging on several levels.”
–  Design & Engineering, Consulting Firm

“Industry leader in water/wastewater infrastructure modeling software; ad emphasizes how software can help engineer and manage the complete plan-design-operate-maintain lifecycle.”
–  Design & Engineering, Public Water Supply-Municipally Owned

“This company develops cutting edge modeling software to help you monitor and optimize your distribution system. They continually improve and tune the software to meet your data monitoring needs.”
–  Scientific & Research, Public Water Supply-Municipally Owned

A big thanks to all AWWA journal readers and to our valued customers who are the reason for our success and who continue to inspire us to greater heights.

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