Innovyze Workgroup Data Server (WDS)

Overview of the Innovyze Workgroup Data Server (WDS)

The Innovyze Workgroup Data Server is a server component which manages access to Workgroup databases from InfoWorks ICM and InfoNet Clients. The Data Server is designed to improve the performance and reliability of database operations in a Workgroup environment.

Innovyze Workgroup Data Server (WDS)

Prerequisites: Hardware: Physical or virtual server running a 64 bit Windows Server operating system.
Compatible 64-bit OS: Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 or later.
Hardware Requirements: Processor: At least two cores for physical or virtual server.
Memory/RAM: A minimum of 4GB of RAM, more recommended if database size is large. For standard databases for maximum performance on a physical machine you would have more RAM than the size of the largest network WDB file on the server up to about 16GB. If pushed for a recommendation we would say 16GB for a physical server and start with 4GB allocated for a virtual server, then monitor memory usage and increase if necessary.
Disk Space/Location: For best performance and reliability the directory used to store standard databases (default C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\SNumbatData) should local to the machine running the Workgroup Data Server (WDS). It should not be on a file share.
Networking: The Workgroup Client software communicates with the WorkgroupData Server using TCP/IP. By default, the port used is 40000. The port number may be changed if required.

When to use the Innovyze Workgroup Data Server (WDS)

Generally, a Workgroup database is recommended when:-

  • more than one user is accessing the same master database
  • low network bandwidth exists between the Workgroup Client and the server containing the master database.

The advantages of using a Workgroup Data Server are:-

  • Less network traffic:
    • Only changed data is sent between Workgroup Client and the Workgroup Data Server
    • Data is compressed
  • Better performance:
    • The Workgroup Data Server is the only process accessing the data so it can be located on a local disk on the machine running Workgroup Data Server.

Workgroup databases may be hosted using the Innovyze Standard database (recommended approach) or within an Oracle or SQL Server database.

The Workgroup Data Server is normally installed on a different computer to those used to run the Workgroup Client software. The same Workgroup Data Server can be used for many different master databases.

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