Berlin Waterworks Used InfoWorks to Formulate Recommendations for the Operation, Expansion and Adjustment of Future Urban Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructures

In view of existing and future challenges, such as the results of climate change and the changing manner of water usage, the overriding target of the joint research project KURAS (Concept for urban stormwater management and wastewater systems), sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, was to formulate recommendations for the operation, expansion and adjustment of urban wastewater and stormwater infrastructures to the future. To this end planning methods have been developed in KURAS, in which a consequent evaluation of measures interlink with local requirements and challenges. The basic methods were elaborated within the project for the topics wastewater systems and management of stormwater and applied for Berlin case studies at quarter and catchment area level.

For both topic areas it shows that an integrated, scale overlapping planning of measures for stormwater management and wastewater management can achieve an increased level of usage. The methods developed in KURAS are suitable for supporting such a planning. A standard employment necessitates additional solutions of a technical as well as regulatory nature. Read the entire article.

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